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This entire show is such a treasure of riches that it’s difficult to pull out highlights.

And it’s so full of delights that the evening just speeds by.

The three women sing a moving version of “My Funny Valentine.” Saez demonstrates she can belt on “Ten Cents a Dance.”

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With a cast of six, we get to hear the gamut of possibilities: solos, duets, trios, quartets, and a couple complex sextets.  One of the six part numbers was sung a capella. Stunning doesn’t begin to cover it.

Individually, each of the six has a strong voice. A lot of belting occurs, so a quieter moment like the pianissimo finish of “Why Can't I?” by Marks takes your breath away. Saez shows comedic flair, sometimes breaking the fourth wall to kibbitz with audience members. 

"It seems that with any mention of Grease the most talked about character is Rizzo and Halley Daigle filled the legend of the role and a pink nightie to absolute perfection. From Rizzo’s confident swagger, sharp tongue, and strong vocals; Daigle-Saez delivers in every category. Her singing of ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do,’ is powerful and a real standout moment"

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"As Rosemary's best friend, "Smitty," Halley Daigle is an audience favorite in her show-stealing scenes."

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